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OFN as an organization strives to be the premier professional logistics network of independent companies. Our member companies specialize in international cargo movement across all mediums and are represented by company owners and end decision makers.

At OFN, we have chosen to have limited members per country. This helps us balance flexibility with accountability which we are able to insure through a requisite thorough vetting process for membership. Member companies therein can have confidence in the business competence of fellow members which makes project collaboration, business expansion and business development a matter of finding a matching set of expertise in the target country.

At OFN we aim to provide a promise of security, impeccable quality and reliability. It is a unique platform, which gives our members an opportunity to forge long lasting alliances in an environment built on trust.

We take pride in managing and executing “Partnership Networking” amongst credible and quality oriented, eminent Independent Freight Forwarders from every corner of the Globe. We believe in nurturing an environment of complete transparency and open communication that benefits all.

OFN recruits strong, high caliber forwarders, dedicated to providing a service, exceeding the standards of the industry. We wish to provide a platform for members to go global and get connected to the right companies in the right places.

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Our Team


Director & Founder

Jasleen having a Masters’ degree of Technology in Computer sciences is presently involved in teaching and editing books for computer sciences at various levels. Having organized various networking events, exhibition and conferences for their university and having provided the IT platform to ensure proper management and successful completions of the events.

Jasleen has explored various parts of the globe and enjoyed the different cultures and geographies and wants to bring her practical and hands-on experience of IT and Network management to OFN to connect the logistics world.


Capt. Gurpreet, prior to his experience in project logistics ashore, ushered at sea as Captain on Large seagoing cargo vessels for over a decade. In addition to being a Master Mariner, he holds a Degree in Nautical technology and is also a qualified Lead auditor. Traversing long career at sea, he has travelled every nook and corner of the world and that made him adept at observing, knowing, working and dealing in a multi-cultural set up. He interacted and worked in collaboration with different nationalities of the world .This enormous exposure helps him to understand the diverse and specific issues involved in the logistics fields across the globe. He encourages people to initiate and innovate continually, manage risks effectively, conduct team work with delegation to meet and exceed clients' expectations and deliver excellent value-adding services globally.



Ms Rajneet is a strategist who expertises in field of science and management. She worked as a lead editor for Cambridge University Press before venturing into the field of marketing. She is an efficient team player who adds complementary skills and contributes valuable ideas, opinions and feedback. She communicates in an open and effective manner and is responsible for coordinating and providing insight relating to strategy and organizational objectives