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Our meetings will provide an invaluable forum for discussion between like-minded companies, a really unique opportunity to generate new business. OFN brings together the owner /decision makers of independent logistics specialist companies from around the world, all of whom have an expert focus on logistics.

This general meeting will allow OFN members the face-to-face contact with OFN partners to efficiently build professional relationships in the most lasting and cost effective manner.

OFN delegates are afforded the opportunity to meet a multitude of partner companies to discuss past, current and future business, exchange sales leads, and develop a range of business possibilities within the OFN network.

OFN meeting will be held annually to provide an invaluable forum for the exchange of business between OFN Members. For one set of travel expenses, delegates have the unique opportunity to attend 1-2-1 meetings with fellow Members, in order to generate new business. You could join OFN and promote your company to your newfound partners.   APPLY NOW