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Why OFN?

OFN is the premier professional logistics network which invites as its members the decision makers and owners of freight forwarding companies specializing in international cargo movement by air, sea, and land. Interaction at our AGM’s with leadership present, saves time and goes a long way towards fruitful networking.

Exclusivity with Flexibility

As a OFN policy we have chosen to limit members per country in order to provide exclusivity to our members in their own countries and at the same time provide our esteemed members free choice of their valued partner keeping quality and costing under check at all time for the best outcome.

Involvement with Top management

OFN is a premium freight network which induces the top management/decision makers of the companies overcoming the bureaucratic hindrances providing seamless, transparent and expeditious business opportunities. We invite only decisions makers of companies to attend our AGM’s leading to one on one interaction with the Owners/Directors/ CEO & CFO etc who have the decision making powers at the spot ,saving on time and unfruitful networking.

  1. International Presence -access to global partners
  2. Limited members per country
  3. Annual meetings for members thereby saving huge travel costs
  4. Representation by owners /decision makers from each organization at annual meetings to build relationship and enhance business volumes.
  5. Opportunity to promote your company globally and enhanced sales force.
  6. Quality assurance - A robust selection process safeguards to only high caliber forwarders, dedicated to providing exceptional service.
  7. Annual surveys to ensure continuous improvement and quality
  8. Newsletters and regular updates
  9. Diverse services at OFN would assist you sell deeper .



Continual Improvement

Management of OFN believes to improve continually and exponentially to provide premium network benefits. In doing so we involve tools like annual auditing of our members, Quality survey, incorporating feedback from our members, up to date with latest world logistics needs, changing with changing dynamics , strategic consulting and strict compliance with our policies in order to improve on daily basis.

Your safe and sustained growth is our motive

Keeping our roots intact of having premium members we believe in ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL. In accordance with essence of OFN we grow with recommendation of our existing valued members who have vast expertise, experience, and capability in the field of logistics. This induces confidence between the existing and new members thus helping us setting high industry standards. AS WE KNOW THE CHAIN IS AS STRONG AS THE WEAKEST LINK.

Intimation of Defaulters and Rouge Companies

The experience of OFN management helps us gather the valued information of the various players in logistics industry. This provides us with information like companies defaulting on payments, late payments, debtors and rouge companies. OFN prevents such companies to enter our network. Nevertheless since we treat our members as a family and therefore extra effort is put into protection of interest of our members. If any we intimate our members promptly on regular basis about such rouge and delinquent companies.

Platform for Future Growth

Management at OFN plans to participate in various events for logistics organized worldwide to develop further business potential for our members. OFN management helps in promoting our members with many tools in and out of the association.

Showcasting Members Achievements

As a family under the umbrella of OFN its members are managing and successfully executing challenges involved in the logistics world in day to day logistics. OFN members execute various challenges and complexity of handling logistics in varied field of Sea, Rail ,Road & Air cargo with utmost ease .Therefore we inspired by our members achievements love to share their success stories with the whole world via OFN platform. Regular announcements uploads are done to exhibit the success stories.

Members Strength

Our members have shown their ability in moving over dimensional Project cargoes and regular cargoes by Sea, Air and Land.
They have the capabilities to offer Door to door delivery, have warehouses, custom broker licenses and can handle dangerous goods
, Personal effects, Time sensitive cargo, Perishable cargoes etc

Being an integral part at OFN widens your scope, gives you the access to make new associates while expanding your business opportunities incessantly. OFN membership is the way forward to enable your organization to reach and thrive in a global market under stiff competition- THE Partner you need for expanding your global logistics business. Apply Now